New Blog

15 Aug

So I know that no one really reads this, and that I haven’t updated since February or something. Anyway, I got a new blog, link below.

My Childhood

20 Feb

”There is a whole section that they didn’t include in the YouTube video where Bonnie did this kind of voice over at the beginning telling the story of Harry Potter and Voldemort would like walk out on stage in his cloak and they told the story about how Harry died and with his parents and when he said Avada Kadavra, they shined this huge green light in the audience’s faces and they have the music playing in the background and it was so cool.”

-Joey Richter

I think that everybody should watch A Very Potter Musical/Sequel. This part isn’t included on youtube, and the rest of the musical is a really huge parody on the whole Potter-series, but it’s so hilarious!

The prologue is really beautiful, and I can’t understand why it was cut. It describes everything Harry Potter is.

who knew

19 Feb

Mr. Useless

15 Feb

A few nights ago I took some photos of Lars (or Mr. Useless if you like). He gets all crazy from the flash, so I don’t know how healthy it is for him to have his pictures taken all the time.

Anyway, tomorrow we have mock examns in theatre, that should be fun, shouldn’t it? Well, it’s Commedia dell’Arte, so I guess.


pick me, choose me, love me.

29 Jan

Fact is, I’m still alive. I’ve just gone in hiding, litterally checking every corner before turning it.

Anyway, I just felt like sharing this with you

Obviously with subtitles in what-not-language.


14 Jan

I have a pair of original converse, that cost me about 100 dollars. Now, I found out that “hey, maybe I should draw on them”

Not a good idea, or it was, until I didn’t want it there anymore. Originally it was just some writing and hearts, and then I thought, maybe I should add some colour.

I loved this style on them, and I was so sad when it went away with water, but then I thought “if this goes away with water, I can just draw on them everytime I want a new style”. What I failed to notice, what that the original writing didn’t go away with water, but I thought that soap or nail polish remover will always take it away.

Now I don’t want it anymore, and I’ve rubbed and rubbed with nail polish remover, hairspray and you-know-it to get it off.

basically they look like this, after all the rubbing and cleaning and what-not. I need help. Does anybody know how to remove sharpie/permanent marker from rubber?


17 Dec

Even though I spend most of my time tumbling instead of blogging, I still take photos. Well, I try. Now, I’m still not the best with making out the manuel mode on my camera, so most of them goes on auto, but hooray, I try.

Today, one of my cats was the subject. He wasn’t all to happy, since I woke him up in the middle of a nap. Now, he sleeps all the time, so I didn’t really care.

I had a plan about talking about the process of me photographing. Obviously, first I pick up my camera and proceed to take som photos of the subject(that would be my cat again). He doesn’t like the flash much, but he copes.

yes, he’s pretty all the time <3

Anyway, continuing with this, I delete all the photos that I don’t like. If I take say, hundred pictures, there is about 75 that goes in the trash-can at a first overview sort of thing. In the end, probably 90 of them are thrown away.

then I edit in photofiltre(I lost photoshop when my old computer went to hell), Basically I just make the photos smaller (like 900*600), and fix a bit on the colours.


this post was honestly just for showing the world my cat. he’s adorable :)


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